About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Christ Our Shepherd Vision Statement:
* To strengthen our community by shepherding local families.

Christ our Shepherd Mission Statement:
* To nuture families by providing educational, financial,and spiritual support.

Black and White Old Church


Our History ~ the foundation of our future

Christ Our Shepherd Ministries began in the early 1990’s when our founder, Aana Lisa Whatley established a women’s outreach ministry to single mothers in the community. The women she served consistently lamented that the frustration of being single centered in finding a safe place to leave their children while they were working.

In 1995, Church property became available in town and our founder had a clear calling from God to purchase the vacated property. In 1996 the formal ministry of Christ Our Shepherd was incorporated and created its first outreach to the community– its childcare and after school programs.  Christ Our Shepherd Ministries then received it’s nonprofit status and continues to operate as a 501(c)(3) today. Today, we serve a diverse group of working families but we have a special out-reach for single parent families.


ProverbsChrist Our Shepherd, created out of diverse religious traditions, seeks to improve the quality of life for the single and low-income parent households. We recognize the dignity, uniqueness, and value of each person, we accept individuals as they are, in an affirming and compassionate manner.


Who we are today

Today, COSKids and the Matthews Christian Library, both ministries of Christ Our Shepherd, have 50 employees, 10 members on its board of directors and numerous volunteers who together support our programs campus wide.  This dynamic and enthusiastic group dedicates its time and efforts, always keeping the mission and focus of Christ Our Shepherd at the forefront.