Enrichment Programs

Enrichment – Preparing Your Child for Success

Enrichment programs stimulate children and allow them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future.

COSKids offers a number of enrichment options.

Music Class

Studies have shown that students who are exposed to a regular music education program score higher in math and science. COSKids learn the fundamentals of music, scales, cord, note recognition and tempo. Students are exposed to instruments, microphones and dance during weekly high energy age-appropriate classes.


Our Christian membership library (Matthews Christian Library) offers over 29,000 volumes of classic and current material for children, adults and the family. Our COSKids participate in story time and reading programs during their school day. The library is also used for quiet studying and for our tutor/mentor program. Our teachers have access to all materials offered in the library to assist with classroom learning. All families are encouraged to use the library for materials to strengthen, support and educate Christian families. COSKids families are offered a reduced membership fee. Contact the Matthews Christian Library at 980-245-8637 to learn more.


Learning Lab

Learning Lab

Our COSKids Learning Lab computers are offered to all our After School and Summer Camp children. With over a dozen computer stations equipped with reading, typing and math programs we strive to improve our students’ technical skills while improving reading, math and other academic areas. All of our computers are monitored and secure for our curious knowledge-seeking minds. There is also controlled introduction to computers in our 3 & 4 year old classrooms.


Chapel Time

Unique to the COSKids campus is our Chapel located in the center of the library. Our 3 & 4 year olds have a weekly chapel time that focuses on building Christian character in our students by modeling appropriate behavior and through age-appropriate instruction which includes a Bible story, scripture, and song. We strive to foster a thirst for learning about God and His world in a positive environment. Our focus is on the complete child – educational, emotional, social and spiritual.