Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age children do you accept?

Full day childcare – age 6 weeks to 2’s
Full day preschool – ages 2, 3 and 4
Extended day preschool (8am-2pm) – ages 3 & 4
After school – Kindergarten to 5th grade
Summer camp – for completed kindergarten thru completed 5th grade

Q: What is your teacher-to-child ratio?
Under the 4-Star Licensing guidelines, our ratios must not exceed the following- (child:teacher)

6 Weeks to 12 Months ( 5 : 1)
12 to 24 Months      ( 6 : 1)
2 Years              ( 9 : 1)
3 Years              (10 : 1)
4 Years              (13 : 1)
5 Years              (15 : 1)

Q: May I visit anytime?
A: We enjoy having you join your child for birthdays, celebrations or lunch any day. Just let us know early in the day. Parent involvement is encouraged such as reading stories, assisting at center times, or special activities planned by the teacher.

Q: Are meals and snacks provided?
A: In the full-day child care/preschool, a nutritious breakfast and hot lunch are prepared in our on-site kitchen. In addition, we provide a nutritious afternoon snack. Menus are posted in the child’s classroom or in our office. Children in the after school program are provided with a nutritious afternoon snack.

Q: What do you mean by Christian Character Development?
A: We strive to share happy, wholesome experiences with children during their most formative years, We partner with families to help children be aware that they are a child of God and therefore worthy of love, acceptance, and support. We encourage Christian responses to daily living and working together.

Q: How does COSKids communicate with parents?
A: Daily Activity Reports, Monthly Newsletters, Email, Telephone conversations, teacher conferences when needed. Text messages when appropriate for inclement weather/closings.

Q: How does the curriculum differ between your full-day preschool and your extended day preschool or other half-day preschool programs?
A: Children in each program have the same developmental curriculum. The full-day program just includes more time for meals, rest, playtime and more center/learning time.

Q: How do you offer additional support for the unique needs of Single Parents?
A: We are acutely aware of the challenges of being a single parent and consider that to be our special ministry. Please see our Single Parent page to see a full descriptive of aid that may be available to those who qualify.

Q. Do you offer transportation?
A: Yes, we pick up children from several local elementary schools and bring them back to COSKids in our own air-conditioned mini-buses for an afternoon enrichment program. Current schools may vary.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?
A: This non-refundable fee holds your child’s spot in a class or holds his place on a waiting list. The fee covers insurance and your security pass keys.

Q: How do you handle discipline?
A: Our main objective is to provide consistent praise, positive reinforcement, and encouragement as a means to manage classroom behavior. When disrupting classroom situation occur, redirecting the child is first attempted. A limited age-minute “time out” is them implemented to give the child time to re-think his/her behavior if necessary. Then the child is allowed to re-enter the classroom activities. If this is not successful, a conference with the teachers and parents will be called to discuss positive methods, which can be used at home and school to promote more appropriate behavior. No physical punishment is allow at the center.

Still have questions? Please contact us for more information.