Infant and Toddler Care

COSKids Infant and Toddler care

Whatever your child care needs may be, you can rest assured that COSKids is committed to providing children with the best possible learning environment in a warm and nurturing setting. We make it our guiding principle always to act in the best interests of the children. Parents have trusted us to care for what is most precious to them . . . the children they love. It’s a responsibility that we never take lightly.

Infants (beginning at age six weeks)
Babies need to be held, loved and encouraged to safely explore their world. Our caregivers will be consistently responsive to your little one. We understand the critical importance of keeping you up to date on all aspects of your baby’s day, and we will give you a written daily report of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities.

Babies enjoy one-on-activities with their teacher including motor development exercises, social play and picture books. Our caring teachers with make reading to, talking to, and singing with your baby a priority in order to foster language development.

Your child is now walking, doing more things for himself and becoming more independent. Your little one’s budding enthusiasm for learning will be nurtured through our theme-based curriculum which will provide a multitude of fun, age-appropriate experiences with language, colors, shapes, and critical thinking skills. Your youngster now becomes more aware of others so we will provide daily opportunities where songs, movement activities, and stories are introduced. We recognize that children potty-train at their own pace so you and your child’s teacher will work together to provide the best environment for potty-training success.

The world of your busy toddler/two year old is a physical one. Movement is a major way that he learns and interacts with that world. We want all children to appreciate the fun that comes with fitness while we educate their minds to make healthy choices. By including plenty of safe outdoor play and serving nutritious meals prepared here on site, we want to instill a lifelong commitment to choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Developmental Learning

It looks like play, but we are learning…

to work and play together bug with pencil
to respect the rights of others
to listen as well as speak
to express ourselves creatively
to grow in self control
to grow from dependence to independence
to listen to directions and to follow them
to develop good work habits
to finish what we start
to clean up after work time
to participate in group activities
to enjoy using a variety of materials
to share toys, equipment, and experiences
to dramatize stories and experiences
to develop an interest in books
to develop an interest in the world around us
to improve muscular coordination
to stay with plans for increasingly longer periods of time
to develop new interests and extend old ones
to understand new words and to be able to use them
to love God
to be happy

If you’re just beginning to research educational child care use our Quality Child Care Checklist. Once you’re ready to learn more about COSKids call us at 704-845-4673 or click here, complete the required information fields, submit and we’ll contact you right away!