COSKids Preschool Program


Preschool for the young child is a time to explore, to imagine, to sing, to laugh, and to listen. It a time to care about others, to be cooperative, and to learn to share. For many it is their first experience with taking directions from someone other than Mom; taking turns with a favorite toy; learning about paint and scissors.

We are a developmental preschool which concentrates on a child’s total development. The objectives of the curriculum are planned to promote spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Each area is very important in developing a well-rounded child. Our goal is to use these experiences to help children develop a thirst for learning about God and his world.

Unit studies stimulate interest in a variety of subjects from Farm Animals to Transportation. God’s creation and his love is found in every area of the preschool curriculum.

Preschool ClassroomLearning centers are areas in a classroom, which define a special focus or afford a specific opportunity not otherwise available. They allow children to make choices, to move freely and independently. Learning centers tend to invite a child to come and see, come and do, come and learn!


Our Learning Centers include:

Art Center: using a variety of materials to stimulate creativity. The emphasis is on the process not the product!

Home Living: acting out day-to-day activities of home life.

Small Motor/Manipulative: encourage practice of eye/hand coordination.

Science: experiments and opportunities to watch and wonder and question.

Large motor development: encouraged through outdoor activities using large muscles. Running, jumping and climbing are all part of large motor development.

Each 3 and 4’s classes will have weekly Chapel. You will receive a monthly calendar to acquaint you with the Unit studies, Bible stories and Bible verses and other information of interest for your child’s class.

Preschool classes also attend music enrichment classes weekly. They learn the fundamentals of music, scales, cord, note recognition and tempo. Students are exposed to instruments, microphones and dance during weekly high energy age-appropriate classes

Preschool operates daily from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm for 2, 3 and 4 year old children with an option for two, three and five day programs per week. We also have a limited number of classroom spots for 3 & 4 year olds in a “partial day” class (8am-2pm).

ABC Tree Clip Art

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