#AdvocatingForChildren: Promoting Resilience in Children


C.O.S.Kids is committed to – Promoting Resilience in Children

Resilience is the ability to cope with negative life events and challenges. It has been described as the capacity to “bounce back” from difficult situations and persist in the face of adversity. At COSKids, we know that life circumstances in this year’s “new normal” have created feelings of stress for adults, but these emotions of fear, stress, anger, being overwhelmed, are also felt by our children.

We continue to give children these social and emotional tools to help kids stay positive and build a strong sense of self in these challenging times:

  • Building positive relationships – A positive relationship with one caring adult can change the trajectory for even the most at risk students. Positive relationships, effective classroom management and clear expectations all contribute to positive student achievements.
  • Mindfulness – Stress speeds up our nervous system but mindfulness is powerful in calming our nervous systems. Children learn to calm themselves by deep breathing, yoga, taking a walk or other exercise, doing a puzzle or reading to slow down the emotions.
  • Expressing how we feel - Children learn to use their words to identify and express their feelings, and how to release negative emotion.

In the same way we teach responsibility, manners, and self control, we also teach children how to face disappointment, learn from failure, and adapt to change. We recognize resilience in children when we observe their determination and perseverance to tackle problems and cope with emotional challenges.

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can purchase a gas card or provide a meal: bridging the gap and assisting in short-term crisis

can provide materials for critical enrichment activities: developing music, art, and science

can provide a scholarship to Summer Camp: preserving the "child" in "childhood"

can provide a month's tuition scholarship for our After School Program: bridging the gap between school and home

can provide a month's tuition for our Preschool Program: promoting early brain development

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