#AdvocatingForChildren: Remote Learning


C.O.S.Kids has taken on a new challenge – Remote Learning

In a year of uncertainty and social isolation, we have managed to keep our school-aged students thriving academically, socially, and emotionally.

The unique events of the past six months have given us even more resolve to support families – but we need your help!

We faced many challenges to safely accommodate the many families who needed our help, and while we were able to find solutions for the spacing, staffing, and scheduling needs, it is our single-parent families that require even more of our attention.

These parents are left to choose between leaving their young children home alone or giving up their only source of income. With no margin to just “figure it out,” it is our mission to fill in the gap, making sure their children are safe, fed, and succeeding academically.

We need your help to offer tuition assistance to our low-income families. Please stand with us as “upstream thinkers” who support these children and their families to succeed, rather than wait until we are dealing with the downstream consequences of children who have fallen through the cracks.

Click the amounts below to see how your donation can help!

can purchase a gas card or provide a meal: bridging the gap and assisting in short-term crisis

can provide materials for critical enrichment activities: developing music, art, and science

can provide a scholarship to Summer Camp: preserving the "child" in "childhood"

can provide a month's tuition scholarship for our After School Program: bridging the gap between school and home

can provide a month's tuition for our Preschool Program: promoting early brain development

Click below to donate online. If you'd rather donate offline, you can mail a check to: 226 West John Street, Matthews, NC 28105 or call us during business hours at (704) 845-4673.