Our Philosophy

Our focus is on the complete child: developing their educational, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Teachers create activities based on the unique needs of the children in their classroom and are more concerned with seeing the children take steps forward in the learning process than they are in the final product of the lesson. We strive to instill a thirst for learning that will carry them through their formative and adult years.

With various resources on our campus, we are able to encourage physical, creative, and cognitive development. Our Library is equipped with over 34,000 volumes and is used daily for story time, reading programs, studying, and tutoring/mentoring. Additionally, the Chapel within our library allows our children time to focus on and develop their relationship with God. Our music classes provide insight into fundamentals, while boosting energy levels through dance and song. Studies have also linked exposure to music fundamentals with greater understanding of math and science.

Each of our programs are developed with activities specific to the children's age range. This allows our children to progress at the appropriate pace with their specific interests being accounted for by their teachers. Click below to see more details about each of our programs:


C.O.S.Kids Programs

Infant & Toddler

We work to develop the foundation of your child's motor, social, and emotional skills through various age-appropriate activities.


We help your children learn through play. Lessons are customized for their unique needs as we encourage them to become lifelong learners.

School Age

We assist your young learner with homework and continue to enrich their skills through field trips, community service, games, and more.