Are You A Single Parent?

How Do We Help?

A child's development relies on the stability of their home and educational life. As a nonprofit, our special outreach is to care for our students by caring for their parents who are in need of additional support.

Program Opportunities:

  • We provide need-based scholarships to families who qualify. These generally pay for 50% of the tuition for your child to participate in their age-appropriate program.
  • We provide educational support through Life Skills classes, Life Coaching, Budgeting classes, and more on an as-needed basis.
  • We support a strong family unit and emotional stability and can provide referrals to professional agencies as needed.
  • We supply our families with basic necessities through donations and partnerships. As needed we can offer food, clothing, gas, school supplies, and other miscellaneous items. We are even able to assist with Christmas gifts for qualifying families.

Do You Qualify?

Every situation is different and we're not going to try to fit you into a checklist of circumstances. We want to find the best avenue for C.O.S.Kids to support you.

Let us know you're interested in the program by providing some basic information .

You will hear back from our Director of Family Services, who can let you know if we have any current openings. If so, she can discuss the struggles you're facing and take the appropriate steps forward to support your family.

How Can I Help?

We are so grateful for the time and resources you're able to offer that allows us to support our community together! Assisting our Single Parent Program can look like volunteering on our campus, bringing dinner to a class, donating items of high need, or providing financial donations. You can find the full list of ways you can get involved here. Thank you for your investment in our community!

Investing Changes Lives

We don't often get to see the impact our investment when we donate time or resources to those who need it most. So here's a glimpse into the difference your support makes to our families:

Click the amount to see how it can help!

can purchase a gas card or provide a meal: bridging the gap and assisting in short-term crisis

can provide materials for critical enrichment activities: developing music, art, and science

can provide a scholarship to Summer Camp: preserving the "child" in "childhood"

can provide a month's tuition scholarship for our After School Program: bridging the gap between school and home

can provide a month's tuition for our Preschool Program: promoting early brain development

These are just a few ways your donations impact our community. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how your investment is changing lives!